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Finding Real Deal Graphic Design Services

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There are many graphic designers offering their services online. Perhaps too many. This article will cover some important information about Graphic Designers. It will also explain what to look out for when ordering a brochure design, logo design, or any other graphic design service.

As with all services, graphic design has been in decline for some time (according to this Designer). Take logos for example. There are many logos that feature a swoosh- or swipe-looking graphic that appears to orbit the text. This is the design that was used by the designers who created thousands upon thousands of swoosh-style logos. They can be heard stating that this element is complex and well-developed. It is worth the hundreds of dollars they charge for it. Unfortunately, that is not what I can tell you.

Although I don’t believe that a swoosh should be in your logo, it could mean that you were scammed by a fake Graphic Designer trying to make quick money on a simple design that grabs your attention. I’ve used a few swooshes in my designs, but only at the request of my clients and not as the main element. It is obvious, if you look at the number of logos that feature the graphic swoosh element, that many graphic designers are trying to fill orders as fast as possible. They don’t really care about the purpose of the design or the needs of their clients. Unfortunately, it is true that companies of all types are more concerned with looking like a business than being a company. How many times have we ordered things only to discover later that it was a scam to sell?

How do you know if the Graphic Designer you hire is actually focused on real design work? The facts are a good place to start.

Do some research before you go online to search for a Graphic Designer. You should see their About Page, resume or other credentials. It’s time to remove them from their website. Testimonials are not something I recommend. It is impossible to trace where the wonderful comments originated. Keep to the facts and only provide information that can be confirmed if necessary. You should see years of experience on the Designer’s resume if you pay hundreds of dollars for design services. What did they study and where did they go to school? What is their work history? Is it possible that they have been a Graphic Designer at each job on their resume. Doing some research is worthwhile as you will likely need to do more design work in the future. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a reliable Designer?

Next, take a look at the design portfolio. Are the designs similar? The elements may look different because they are different for different companies, but are they all the same? Are they all the same type of fonts? Is it just that they put swooshes all over everything? You are most likely visiting the site of an impostor who uses visual tricks to impress their clients and make sales.

Avoid graphic design websites that promise too good to pass up. You are likely to get a pre-made logo or clip art for $50. You will not speak with them if they claim that many designers will be working on your project. Or, they may be using visual tricks to sell the design to another client.

It doesn’t mean you have to believe me. These graphic design scam sites are open to you. Don’t worry if you end up with designs that don’t work as expected, or Graphic Designers asking you to make minor adjustments to your design. Gimmicks are all around these days, so don’t surprise if your design that seemed to really pop ends up looking like one of the thousands of swoosh icons.

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