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Graphic Design Schools

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You can find Graphic Design schools across the United States and Canada. You may choose to enroll in graphic design schools if you have a passion for computer technology, creative design, and the arts.

Graphic design schools train students to be professional web designers, desktop publishers and graphic designers. Graphic design schools offer students in-depth training in color theory, art direction, digital production, as well as other related subjects.

Graphic design schools often offer a range of specialty programs, including animation, video and gaming production, digital film and/or video production, network technology and visual communication. Graphic design schools offer a variety of courses that can lead to certification, diploma, or degrees.

Graphic design schools often offer associate’s degrees in graphic design. These programs include training in digital painting and illustration, design and composition and photo enhancement. They also provide comprehensive training for business mathematics and desktop publishing. There are many other options.

Graphic design schools are offering students the training and skills they need to be graphic designers.

Students who complete all requirements at any of the graphic design schools are eligible to pursue professional careers as graphic designers, advertising and illustration designers, line artists, commercial and private layout artists, computer software engineers, drafters and webpage/website designers.

Graduates of graphic design schools could expect to earn up to $100,000 per year depending on their specific occupation, education and experience. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics has a list of colleges and vocational schools that offer graphic design training.

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